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Artist Statement

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My art is a reflection of who I am and how I got here. As a child, my summers were spent with my many siblings at a secluded cabin on a lake with no electricity, running water or phone. This was a formative experience. My art process shows that I am a resilient problem solver and a playful risk taker, not uncomfortable with the unexpected. 

The process of  mixed media painting, to me, is a joyful but high risk endeavour. What is not fun about squiggling words and lines with crayons and pencils, scraping gels into fanciful textures, dripping and flinging tar gel and paint? I love that I never quite know what will happen next as I travel the path of discovery and exploration which is the process I have chosen. The written words that are often used as the birth of each piece become buried in layers, almost lost, like each moment gets lost to another in time. 


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cell: 819-661-2288

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