Sold Mixed Media Sold Mixed Media Aglow SOLD 60X120cm $8250. Painted Canvas Edge 205834321 Countryside Rhythms SOLD 30cmx30cm $250 Painted Wooden Cradleboard Edge 205545938 Low Down SOLD 30cmX30cm $250. Painted Wooden Edge 205413046 Ancient Tweet SOLD 15cm X 15cm Painted Gallery Canvas Edge 204119060 Old Soul ll SOLD 204977768 The Mystery Beneath SOLD 90cmx 90cm $1,300 Painted Canvas Edge 205286653 Dreamscape SOLD 3' X 4' Unframed 204881908 Choices SOLD 49X58cm $525. Painted Canvas Edge 204929275 The Blooming New Day SOLD 60cm X 120cm $850. Painted Canvas Edge 204389659 Fish Parade SOLD 60X120cm Painted Canvas Edge 205330881 Connection II SOLD 76cmX28cm $525 Matted and Framed 205641379 Spring SOLD 20cmx25cm $190 Painted Wooden Canvas Edge 204881910 Elegant Motion SOLD 20cmx25cm !195. Painted Wooden Panel Edge 204522732 Mother Earth SOLD 30cmX30cm $250. Painted Wooden Edge 205641378 Meech Creek Meandering SOLD 204909386 Birches ll SOLD 90X90cm $875 Painted Canvas Edge 204977769 Mountain Glow SOLD 40X50cm $550. Black Floater Frame 199811319 Sea Treasures SOLD 40X50cm $495. Painted wooden panel edge 199888882 Water Colour SOLD 60X60 cm $695. Framed Black Floating Frame 188366024 My Flowers SOLD 55x90cm $650. Painted Canvas edge 205330883